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TFM resulted from three facts of asset management life...


It’s technical. At least 60% of fund product marketing is technical in nature, essential pieces of literature, communication and reporting that keep investment managers in business – they are the must-haves.


It’s ever changing. Constant regulatory changes are a challenge to in-house staff, who already have their day jobs to do. Keeping up to date with regulatory change can be a full-time job in itself.


It’s costly. An incorrect fund structure will result in costly re-engineering. Likewise mistakes in customer facing materials can be costly to rectify. But it’s also expensive to have product or communications expertise in house.

Expertise when you need it. In today's business environment, you can’t afford the luxury of any spare capacity in your marketing or product department – expertise is an expensive commodity. It is vital that the resources you have are used effectively and in areas that add value.

There is no shortage of external solutions to the creative elements of your marketing. However there is very little in the way of technical fund marketing support.

Hands on experience. Few companies can offer the practical solutions that can only come from having done the work yourself.

  • We deliver product and marketing materials ready to use – not just initial drafts.
  • We combine in-depth product knowledge and technical product management skills with practical marketing communications skills.
  • We provide a unique blend of proven competencies and experience in both open-ended and closed-ended investment products.
  • We fully understand Compliance and sign-off processes. And we work closely with internal stakeholders to ensure sign-off complies with your existing processes – we know how important this is for you.
  • We aren’t a creative agency – we're marketing and technical specialists. We work with you under your instructions and to your brief. You call the shots, we bring the technical know-how.
  • We not only create but review existing content, whether it be hard or soft copy documents, website content or intranet platforms, in terms of accuracy and quality assurance.